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  • macOS Easier Copy Path

    Huh! Turns out there is a built-in shortcut for copying pathnames in macOS Finder. Just hit the Option key to replace the Copy command by Copy [item] as Pathname. Useful (also built-in) keyboard shortcut: Command+Option+C

  • macOS Easy Copy Path

    If you’re used to dragging & dropping files and folders to Terminal in order to copy full system paths, you’ll be delighted to learn about this macOS Quick Action trick. Edit: Even easier way here. Automator is quite useful for scripting repetitive tasks. Once saved, this Quick Action will automatically be loaded by the Finder…

  • Exporting Adobe Illustrator Artboards

    Illustrator has an Export For Screens feature that makes exporting to PNG or SVG a bliss, provided that your document is properly set up. This dialogue window is accessible through File > Export > Export For Screens, and can also be summoned from the Asset Export palette (which can also be used to store and…

  • Illustrator Artboards + Transparency Grid

    The default values used to display the transparency grid are painfully bright. The Document Setup section allows for choosing preset schemes to help with this. However these are strangely contrasting when compared to Photoshop’s own transparency grid. You can use the color pickers to adjust the values to a combination of your liking. You may…

  • Tips On Keeping Adobe Illustrator Files Tidy

    Here is some general advice for keeping .ai source files lightweight and always ready for exporting. An “empty” .ai file weighs about 300KB+ because of some default dependencies that you are not likely to need. Get rid of the unnecessary bloat and trim it down to 50KB by quickly going Select All Unused and Delete…

  • Bringing Domain Back

    Once upon a time, a domain name was left behind for squatters to take advantage of.

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