Green Bear

Drinks a lot of tea, hence the green tone. Walks around in his underwear. Has something against people who write ‘LOL’ without actually ‘Laughing Out Loud’. Also enjoys being constantly drawn off-model, just for the sake of making obsessive-compulsive 2D animators go mad.

The Stoic Monkey - Thou Shalt Not Budge

Stoic Monkey

A fine lad. Into climbing walls, pretty girls, climbing walls with pretty girls, and being completely stoic in any given situation.

The Yellow Otter

Yellow Otter

Some kind of Asian Mustelidae, with glasses. Into kimchee and spicy food. Can take most computers apart and sort of put them back together again (a hobby, we shall say — although those of us with Macs cannot wrap our heads around that concept). Clumsy. Single. In that order.

The Blue-Haired Chick with a Sexy French Accent

Blue-Haired Chick with the Sexy French Accent

Cute chick with blue hair and a sexy french accent, like the title says. Into videogames. Likes cats, rabbits, Hello Kitty toasters, AstroBoy, Anime in general and very expensive and very platformed boots. Also? Geeks.